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Monday, April 21, 2014


  1. Must read:

Then onwards, IF you know your FUKUSHIMA and 911 backwards, to the REAL REALITY :)

  1. If I right then both and 911 connected by necessity
  2. Seems to account for all the known facts If one adds in the for the holes on top of buildings & perhaps
  3. If I don'tmake it HUGe simply HUGE HUGE thanks for what you have done.
  4. You might find out pretty quick something about the AG ... and you do need to know that thing :) xx
  5. Perhaps you can be smart enough to give some thinking time to what that might be and speak to AG about it ... If correct 2 do so
  6. there are some obvious things I cannot say due to the fact it could be seen to be interfering with court process etc
  1. ps if you did decide to become dream makers. u'd better use wires. Never did let me get GBP 20.00 spare to get biz paypal LOL
  2. After all I did manage to slip in the solution 2 fiscal crisis too HEARS ...THE WHITE RABBIT!
    1. Donate Maybe dreams should come TRUE AGAIN 4 good people HUman BEing HuMAN BeeING! ;~)

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  3. USD 86.00 a Marine's life I think it was wasn't it ? In my dreams=86.00x 210,000 = my life back 2; NO 1 thinking I'm CRAZY lol
  4. You never know they may just work out who just saved their lives
  5. Just can't THINK me Who he's in BUSINESS WITH in NEW YORK CITY ;)
  6. Only 3 of u know or might If those SA nukes were exploded/recovered OTHER THAN 911:)
  7. Who is ALSO alleged to have ILLEGALLY ASSISTED .... from memory that would be ISRAEL
  8. "In the following decade, it produced six deliverable nuclear weapons "
  9. "In the late 1970s, South Africa began a programme of nuclear weapons development."
  10. Only three people in this conversation know answer to Mini Nukes 1 2 3
  11. If there's NOWAY2get them BACKinto system (personnel changed) without being CAUGHT
  12. And so what DO you do with those NUKES ... before they start falling apart on you?
  13. Nuke need servicing Kai ... nukes that were never 'around' in 1st place can't be
  14. Just FOLLOW THE EVIDENCE And let the COOKIE CRUMBLE where it SHOULD ;)
  15. And think I might even feel justified for the first time in saying yes please, 2 help
  16. At least I hope not, because I can't pay the rent might get cut off tel/ISP any sec
  17. & even you Tom by now Might just realise I wasn't lying about doing 5/6/GCHQ job 10yr
  18. what would a JEW with WHITE POWER do ?? RACIAL PURITY of the JEWISH RACE ?? ;)
  19. I hope yiou're even better than I ever dreamed at keeping me alive Kai
  20. what would a JEW with WHITE POWER do ?? RACIAL PURITY of the JEWISH RACE ??
  21. Well now WHAT *MIGHT* someone who sold NUKES to WHITE POWER people do with NUKES
  22. Trouble is you'd STILL then have some NUKES to DEAL WITH by EXPLOSION RITE :)
  23. Why STEAL SOME NUKES, surely; so that SOME were MISSING and KNOWN to be MISSING
  24. And the criminal lawyer in me says GUESS WHAT you'd ALSO have to do to GET AWAY
  25. I mean SURELY you'd have NO CHOICE about THAT NUKES deteriorate I assume RITE ;)
  26. And of course, you'd just **HAVE** to find a WAY TO EXPLODE THEM **COVERTLY** ;) V
  27. Why you MIGHT just have 2 WIPE THE MINDS of 2 POLITICANS that KNEW
  29. Just can't THINK me Kai what you'd HAVE to do with MINI NUKES ILLEGALLY SUPPLIED
  30. SHIT what COULD you do with a BUNCH of MINI NUKES you just COULDN'T DECOMMISSION
  31. about SMALL EASILY TRANSPORTED NUKES oh by ANY container ship ;) ;)
  32. Just can't THINK not me what's in PROSECUTED COUNSELS DEFENCE STATEMENT about
  33. Wikipedia has that WRONG doesn't it; it was SCARLET I think that SEXED UP dossiers?
  34. "Dr. David Kelly .. found dead... source ...govt had "sexed-up" intelligence "
  35. EXACTLY ONE WEEK BEFORE 911 There's no such thing as COINCIDENCES in ;)
  36. Do try hard to keep me not shot today hey ;)
  37. EXACTLY ONE WEEK BEFORE 911 NUKE TIME RITE ;) .. Just like :) :) :)
  38. "Scarlett took on the role of head of the JIC one week before the Sept 11 " 911 NUKE TIME
  39. (MI6) from 2004 to 2009 ... slightly out with the DATES LONDON 77 BOMBING TIME RITE ;)
  41. Crikey wasn't it SCARLETT that SEXED UP aka LIED THROUGH HIS TEETH about INTELLIGENCE :)
  42. Just can't THINK me who would get to KNOW CRYPTO real well to do a CERTAIN JOB overseeing u?
  43. Can't THINK me WHO would have KNOWN about the connection not me ;)
  44. Can't THINK me WHO ended up LOOKING INCOMPETENT or GUILTY 5 5 5 ;)
  45. Me, I just can't THINK what used to do before he went OVERALL CONTROL 6 6 6 ;)
  46. That would be the only other Barrister who just so happens, to the the Counsel, who let me know ;)
  47. In an unsuccessful attempt to save what turned out to be a soldiers life - lost by beheading
  48. And do EVER so carefully note; I put myself @ risk of prosecution as ORGANISER of the BEHEADING
  49. Do note the DATE I published that VERY CAREFULLY TOM Tuesday, 21 May 2013 not WEDNESDAY or THURSDAY
  50. How COULD that be unless there was something or ONE in the way ?
  51. I did look once and were under a STATUTORY DUTY to protect the FINANCIAL INTEGRITY of the UK
  52. Extremely unlikely 2b anything AT ALL but do bee very careful if you receive a parcel and you're not expecting it just in case x
  53. there's only 1 person maybe.. that WOULD be able 2 play & LONGTIME SCARLETT:) cc
  54. If Scarlett wants to push it NO PROBLEM he'll fry up nice and crispy just like ROCKEFELLER ... ;)
  55. And in a state that uses GAS or INJECTION or ELECTRICITY :)
  56. Me I'm ALL in favour of happeniing STATESIDE ;) HUman BEing HuMAN BeeING! ;~)
  57. You're never see GENUINE remorse; but you WILL see an AWFULLY LARGE AMOUNT of **FAKE** remorse, maybe ... as they BEG
  58. "well last Pope resigned, I cannot forgive their crimes until I see remorse words are cheap, wrong doing has to be punished"
  59. They have their choice - the easy way or the OTHER WAY :)
  60. It's LAWFUL and it's PERFECTLY LEGITIMATE to use FATAL FORCE if reasonable to effect an **ARREST** of TERRORISTS
  61. The age of GENOCIDAL PSYCHOPATHS with ZEROS and NOUGHTS NUKING cities; blowing up TRAINS and BUSES, Flibber, it's **OVER**:)
  62. Because they're going to get captured and tried for it; or killed resisting arrest. FACT

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